5. A day of emotion-spotting

5. A day of emotion-spotting

Now that we’ve reminded ourselves what the orange cog is all about I’d like to challenge you to choose a day this week to do the following task…

Be on the lookout all through the day for any emotions that you feel yourself or you notice in others, and also keep an eye out for emotions that crop up in TV programmes, stories, news articles etc.

Because this is an orange cog activity the challenge is to write a list of emotion words for all the emotions you feel or come across in other ways. Ask a parent or other people you live with to join in too, and see how many emotion words you can get on your list by the end of the day.

Before you start…

Have a guess at how many emotions you think you might witness over the course of the day…5? 11? 24? Write your prediction down on a piece of paper, or on a chalk board or wherever you’re going to write your list of emotion words.

If you like you could brainstorm a list of emotion words at the start of the day and check them off if and when they crop up.

Here are some ideas for when and where you might spot emotions during the course of your day…

  • Your own feelings
  • How the people you live with are feeling
  • Do you notice any emotions in people when you’re out and about?
  • How about actors in TV programmes or movies?
  • What about people in the news today?
  • Do adverts show people showing emotions?
  • How about any pets or animal characters in stories or cartoons?
  • Are there emotions in any books you read today?
  • Do you feel or notice any emotions at mealtimes, bedtime, when it’s time to do work or at other times?

Don’t forget to write down the words for the emotions you come across so you can count them all up at the end of the day. How does the final number compare to the guess you made before you started your list? Talk about whether you’re surprised or not about how many words you have on your list from your day of emotion-spotting.

Make an Emotion Words “Cognifying Glass”

Here’s an activity idea to help you with your emotion-spotting…

Thanks to the boys below and Mrs Hogan’s zoom class for showing us how their Cognifying Glasses turned out at home last week #EWcog-glass

P.S. If you haven’t yet made a cog template follow this link to find out how: Make your own Emotion Works Cog Template

I’d love to hear about how many emotion words you get on your lists – let me know in the comment box below

If you want to share a photo of your Cognifying Glass you can post it on a school or parent’s twitter account tagging @emotionworksCIC using the hashtag #EWcog-glass

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