Claire Murray, Emotion Works Creator and Founder

About this home learning website

I’ve created this website of learning activities during the Coronavirus school closure period to help teachers, parents and pupils keep up with Emotion Works learning at home. There are around 300 Primary Schools in Scotland currently subscribed to Emotion Works which means that many thousands of children already know about the emotion cogs and have an understanding of how Emotion Works ‘works’. It’s therefore a perfect opportunity for teachers and parents to support their children to apply their learning in a way that helps them process and cope with this very real-life emotional situation affecting us all.

I’ll be posting new ideas every few days and will make sure any tasks are do-able in a home setting. To help put the activities into context I’ll post photos and video footage of the resources being used in school as a reminder for children so they will be able to make links to the activities they’ll be doing at home. However, the activities on this blog won’t require that you have Emotion Works resources at home.

As we become clearer about plans for lifting lockdown in Scotland, I’ll start to include activities to support teachers, parents and pupils with the transition back to school.

Link to the Welcome Blog

A note for parents

If your children have been learning about Emotion Works at school but you don’t yet know much about it, this series of blog posts is directed at both parents and children – so you can find out more about it and children can explain it to you at a level they understand.

It may be that older children can work through the content on their own, but the ideal would be to read through the post together and talk about the activities. I’ve made sure that any information you will need for your discussions is included on each activity page. Depending on your own situation you could then supervise with the practical task too, create a version of your own to compare to theirs or set them up with what they need and see how they get on with it on their own. Showing an interest in and talking about the outcome of each activity will be motivating to your children. Maybe you could show it or send a photo of it to another family member, or share with their teacher.

Please feel free to leave a message, ask a question, or make a request in the comment boxes on each page to help shape future posts.

A note for teachers

This is an open website (different from the members area of the main Emotion Works website) so you can send links home to the activity pages by copying and pasting the url into your learning grids or usual method of communication for remote learning.

If you’re connecting with pupils live via Zoom, Teams, or similar, you could share your own screen and read, watch, and discuss the content together before setting the task relating to each post.

You may also like to supplement the activities on this website with extension tasks for your pupils using worksheets, slideshows or practice ideas available to Emotion Works members:

  • Our main website Members Area is still live for you to access our digital resources and practice ideas as usual
  • Also, our members only facebook page for Emotion Works Practitioners has been very lively during the school closure period with lots of coronavirus linked practice being shared and key issues being discussed. Please answer the questions about your membership to gain access

Further Information about Emotion Works

For more general information about Emotion Works including who we work with and how we provide our products and services please see our main website at www.emotionworks.org.uk or watch the video below.

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