2. Remembering Emotion Works at school

Remembering Emotion Works at school

Here’s a reminder about how Emotion Works looks in the classroom and around a typical primary school.

If you’re watching with a parent or carer, can you tell them a little bit about the cogs and the colours? If you’re watching alone, look carefully for all the different Emotion Works resources and see what you can recognise and remember.

Stop and start the video to help your thinking and discussion as you answer the questions below.

Some questions…

  • Where in this classroom and corridor do you see Emotion Works? How does this compare to your own school?
  • What lessons and activities are the pupils in the video taking part in? What do you think they will be learning?
  • What does each cog teach you about your emotions?
  • Look at the picture symbol resources in the video. Can you explain how the pictures and words link to the cogs?

A counting challenge

How many cog shapes can you find in the video?

How many cog shapes did you spot? – post your answers in the comment box below.

Or send me a message to tell me something you miss about doing Emotion Works at school.

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  1. 1. On the walls. .At my school we have them in the middle area of my class.
    2. I think they are learning about emotions.
    3. It teaches me to know that it is normal to feel sad or happy and angry or worried
    4. we talked about it
    5. I counted 16 cogs

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